Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Concert Season People!!

So my last post showed the progression of a painting from my Concert Series. The Concert Series is just as it sounds, paintings done of the stage.  In all of my paintings, regardless of the subject, I really like to make the dark darker and the light lighter in order to create a very strong contrast.  Things pop! At a concert, the extreme lighting automatically creates blackness.  The band/ musician/ instruments are highlighted while anything in the background falls to black.  This, stylistically is right up my alley.

Many of the pieces I have done for this series have been from photographs that I have taken at a concert.  There will be more to come as the new season of concert hopping begins.  You will see that we are quite the Dave Matthews Band fans!

If YOU have a PHOTOGRAPH from a concert you have attended and are interested in having it painted, please email me at emily@emilyannrupnik.com or visit my Facebook page - EAR - Emily Ann Rupnik, and send me a message! 

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