Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Concert Season People!!

So my last post showed the progression of a painting from my Concert Series. The Concert Series is just as it sounds, paintings done of the stage.  In all of my paintings, regardless of the subject, I really like to make the dark darker and the light lighter in order to create a very strong contrast.  Things pop! At a concert, the extreme lighting automatically creates blackness.  The band/ musician/ instruments are highlighted while anything in the background falls to black.  This, stylistically is right up my alley.

Many of the pieces I have done for this series have been from photographs that I have taken at a concert.  There will be more to come as the new season of concert hopping begins.  You will see that we are quite the Dave Matthews Band fans!

If YOU have a PHOTOGRAPH from a concert you have attended and are interested in having it painted, please email me at emily@emilyannrupnik.com or visit my Facebook page - EAR - Emily Ann Rupnik, and send me a message! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Painting Progression - Chances Are, Bob Marley and the Wailers

So, a few years back BRob (my loving boyfriend) started taking pictures of my paintings in different stages of their completion.  People really responded to seeing the "work in progress" aspect in addition to the finished product.  I always begin with a solid color base and then start layering in color and detail.

Check out Bob Marley and the Wailers (titled Chances Are) from my Concert Series.  Hope you Enjoy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Find your Inspiration

Inspire (in spir') - to motivate as by divine influence

In a world of reality TV, bad talk shows, video games, landfills and shitty politics it's easy to feel very UN-inspired.  You can sit mindlessly in front of the television or computer and fall into a swirling well of nothingness OR you can do something about it.  (slightly over dramatic, but wanted the effect)

I describe my art by saying that I am inspired by light and architecture, but not all inspirations have to  relate directly to a creative field.  The term actually seems to be used so much in the arts it can feel generic at times.  You don't have to go paint something or write a poem, you can be inspired by anything that motivates you.  Maybe it's a song lyric, an exercise goal or a social movement (just don't work your butt off and then de-robe EXPOSING your butt - thank you Mr. KONY man).  
Finding something that inspires you (big or small) gives you the opportunity to feel important.  To feel like the Queen/ King of your own world, not a small little speck on this great huge planet.  Think about it, all of the things around you are here because someone was inspired.  It ALL came from one person's inspiration.  I often think of the Dyson guy, Sir James Dyson.  He was inspired by bag-less-ness and fighting the loss of suction.  My floor has never been cleaner and I love him for it!  

One inspired moment will translate to others.  It's like a snowball effect.  When one thing seems more interesting you are prone to continue to seek that feeling of satisfaction.  Now go and find your inspiration!

As a quick aside in relation to the reality TV comment made earlier... I will miss you Khloe and Lamar - I'm just sayin ;o) 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pleased to Meet Shoe!

Hello There!
I have realized that I am a girl who is stuck directly between two worlds:                                        FASHION and ART.
I have work experience in fashion but running through my veins is oil paint... I quit my job a few years back to pursue my fine art background but have never left fashion behind.

This decision has had many positive effects on my life.  The big one, I actually like getting up in the morning.  It has however had one LARGE disadvantage.  My bank account, err... lack there of!  Even though a payday is sometimes questionable, I refuse to lower my taste level.  I still can't stand the feeling of cheap fabric (particularly wool), I despise unmatched seams and I have a reoccuing nightmare where I'm proudly rocking fake leather knee-high boots. 
When I do get a nice paycheck, Zappos is my first stop.  Love you Zappos! When Momma needs a new pair of shoes there is no stopping her.

This blog will mainly be about shoes.  No, not really... that was a joke.

I will show you progress on current paintings and print ideas, talk a bit about fashion and current events and post many DIY projects that I get into.

If you were to ask me which shoe I liked better, my Chanel patent leather sling-backs or my Jamaican flag flip flops... I would have to answer with; I would take a bullet for one and the other sleeps in bed with me, my boyfriend and my cat.

Hence the whole High Maintenance Hippie thing.